Jeff Zidell

My Conversation With Hyatt Hotel’s New Head Of Loyalty, Mark Vondrasek

When I read the reports of other bloggers about their conversations with the new head of loyalty at Hyatt, I thought I needed to take a different tact. Since most people spoke to him around the same time, the questions were similar. Will there be changes to the mid-tier? What about the expiration dates on free nights?

I chose to try to engage Mark on core values, vision for the program. I avoided too much in the way of defining one benefit or change. After one week on the job, there just aren’t likely to be concrete answers on very specific issues.

I enjoyed my conversation with Mark. Whether we learned a lot of new information is up to you to determine.

A Big Change At Hyatt Reinforces The Difference Between Membership And Loyalty

Last week was a bit of a stunner for me.  I was sitting in a meeting in Des Moines, Iowa.  It was late in the day and I’d been ignoring my e-mail a bit as the presentations stretched on.  We hit a bit of a lull and I looked down at my phone to check e-mail.  Then, I stood up and walked out of the room. I had received an e-mail that Jeff Zidell, the guy responsible for the Hyatt loyalty program, was leaving the company.  My first thought wasn’t, […]

Hyatt Drops Two Interesting Offers In My Mailbox. Keep An Eye Out

You may see a bit of a new look on Pizza In Motion.  Thanks to Denny from the Boarding Area team for the new digs.Please let me know what you think of it.  There are a few tweaks to make, but I like where the look and feel is going.  Do you? From time to time I’ve seen Hyatt drop a few offers into my mailbox that I’ve considered jumping on, and as of late they’ve started to do it more frequently.  Last year I almost purchased a very reasonably […]

Milepoint Members Enjoy A Hyatt Happy Hour

What do you get when one of the most likable executives in the travel industry invites 25 or so frequent travelers to come have a drink?  The Milepoint/Hyatt Happy Hour. No question I’m a Hyatt HomerTM.  But I think the attendees at this event would all tell you Hyatt threw a good party.  Jeff Zidell, the VP of Hyatt Gold Passport, reached out to Milepoint a few months ago with the idea to throw a small party exclusive to Milepoint members so the folks at Gold Passport could spend more […]

Viva Las Vegas! Hyatt/M Life Status Matches & Live Chat Tomorrow

Courtesy of Jeff Zidell, Senior Vice President of Hyatt Gold Passport on Milepoint: Dear Milepoint members, I wanted to remind you about the live chat that I will be cohosting, tomorrow at 7 p.m. MDT, with MGM Resorts Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Advertising Scott Voeller here on Milepoint. I look forward to speaking with you then! Additionally, I have even more exciting news to share! Starting tomorrow, August 20th, you will able to opt-in to receive your matched M life Tier Level. As an M life member, you […]

Milepoint Brings You A Great Opportunity: Talk Live To The Head Of Hyatt Gold Passport And MGM’s M Life Programs

I love learning more about my favorite airlines and hotel chains.  That’s why I’m always pretty pumped when Milepoint is able to present these types of experiences to the community. Jeff Zidell, the VP of Hyatt Gold Passport, is one of my favorite people in the industry.  He was gracious enough to hop on with Milepoint members back in our first year of existence back in 2011.  And, he’s back again. On Tuesday, August 20th at 9pm Eastern, Milepoint will be hosting Jeff Zidell again for a live chat.  And, […]

StarMegaDO4: Getting Things Started In The US, Hyatt Regency SFO

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Taking Hyatt To Task Just A Little Bit For A Recent Change

In a recent Milepoint thread, Jeff Zidell (VP, Hyatt Gold Passport) announced that they would be discontinuing the Platinum Extras benefit for Platinum members of their Gold Passport program.  Now, I’m lucky enough to have been given Diamond status as a match to my SPG Platinum status a few years ago, so I’ve never actually been Platinum in Hyatt’s program.  I know, tough problems to have.  But, I do have a couple of issues with this change: 1.  Timing.  It’s the end of the year, so most people have already […]

StarMegaDO4: Media Roundtable With Jeff Zidell And Other Hyatt Execs

Jeff Zidell, who’s been a big supporter of the Milepoint community and the MegaDOs for quite some time, took a few minutes to sit down with members of the media and blogsphere during StarMegaDO4.  He covered some of the recent highlights for Hyatt and there are a bunch: Hyatt continues to grow, increasing the number of properties 15% over the last two years.  Hyatt has invested over $1 Billion in modernizing and building hotels. They currently have 175 properties in the pipeline.  This number actually came as a bit of […]