Hyatt Drops Two Interesting Offers In My Mailbox. Keep An Eye Out

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From time to time I’ve seen Hyatt drop a few offers into my mailbox that I’ve considered jumping on, and as of late they’ve started to do it more frequently.  Last year I almost purchased a very reasonably priced Napa Valley experience package but it sold out before I could make my decision.  A similar package came up a couple months ago but the dates didn’t work for me.

I got two offers just this week, and while neither was a perfect match for me, they both show how Hyatt is adding value for members.

The first was labeled as a Platinum offer and came to both my wife and I.  I’m guessing this is more closely tied to the Hyatt credit card.  We were both offered two free tickets to a private screening of Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy.

Interesting Offers

I separately received another invitation, labeled as a Diamond event.  It was for a Trunk Club private fitting.

Interesting Offers

This one has a cost of 5,000 points, so it actually has to have some value for you to attend.  And, since I haven’t worn a suit more than twice a year since Clinton was president (Bill, not Hilary if you’re reading this a couple years from now), this one isn’t my fit, though they do say you can get a pair of jeans.  For your 5,000 points, you can actually get a really good value if you’re in this market:

Interesting Offers


You probably need to put the $200 gift card to work to get there, as it would take a decent amount of Glenfiddich and cheese to get to 5,000 points worth.  But, I think it’s an interesting way to create opportunities to create rewarding moments for customers.

I recall a Q&A with Jeff Zidell, VP of Hyatt Gold Passport a couple years ago.  He was asked, shortly after Hyatt introduced it’s co-branded credit card, what else Gold Passport had planned to monetize their loyalty program.

I won’t get the quote exactly right, but Jeff’s answer was that they didn’t view the loyalty program as a way to make money.  Rather, their plan was to use it to….strengthen loyalty.  It’s such a simple answer, but I’ve heard lots of similar answers.  Hyatt, it seems, is backing that up.



    1. David, I’m near DC and it correctly paired me up with a DC location for both promos. No idea if you could request tickets as a cardholder. Let me know if you try.

  1. Trunk Club has been helpful in sprucing up Josh’s closet and work clothes this summer, but the value in the 5k redemption is def the $200 gift card since Trunk Club seems to often have ‘free’ events for those coming to try on clothes in Dallas, Chicago, and DC pretty often. The $200 won’t go too far on Trunk Club prices, but would be enough for maybe 1.5 work shirts. 😉 I’d totally redeem 5k Hyatt points if we got that offer – Josh is digging the Trunk Club process (but our wallet hates the prices!).

    1. MP, I’m allergic to dress clothes. 🙂
      The ad says they have jeans, but I sure don’t need a $200 pair of those. Tell Josh if he can find an excuse to get to DC he can have my $200 gift card. 😉

      1. They have everything and every type of clothing imaginable from casual to bathing suits to custom made suits, but if we are paying $$ it sure as heck better be stuff he wears to work and not stuff he wears to work on the yard. You go to the event and enjoy the food and drinks, he’ll buy the gc from you for half off. #everyonewins

        On another note, I think they could tap into a gold mine if they had these type of clothes just waiting in the closet at the hotel for guys who travel for business to Hyatt hotels (on request, of course). Then if they liked anything and took it they are charged. Josh would have been hooked ages ago if it worked that way…so maybe I’m glad it didn’t work that way.

        1. #yourhusband’saniceguy. He can have the gift card for free. Well, and the cost of the flight to DC.

  2. Ed,

    FYI, the new site design doesn’t work well with Firefox on my 7″ Android tablet. The text on the home page extends beyond the edge of the screen in portrait layout, and it won’t let me resize the page.

    1. Scott, really appreciate the feedback. I know they were doing some mobile tweaking with the theme but I’ll see if we can get your issue fixed.

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