Milepoint Brings You A Great Opportunity: Talk Live To The Head Of Hyatt Gold Passport And MGM’s M Life Programs

I love learning more about my favorite airlines and hotel chains.  That’s why I’m always pretty pumped when Milepoint is able to present these types of experiences to the community.

Jeff Zidell, the VP of Hyatt Gold Passport, is one of my favorite people in the industry.  He was gracious enough to hop on with Milepoint members back in our first year of existence back in 2011.  And, he’s back again.

On Tuesday, August 20th at 9pm Eastern, Milepoint will be hosting Jeff Zidell again for a live chat.  And, he’ll have Scott Voeller with him, a Senior VP with MGM Resorts International.  You can request a reminder for the day of the chat so you don’t miss out.

Great Opportunity


In case you hadn’t heard, MGM and Hyatt have teamed up to create one of the cooler partnerships the hotel industry has seen in recent history.  Now, not only can you earn Hyatt points for your MGM resort stays but Hyatt Gold Passport elite members enjoy M Life elite benefits as well (and vice versa).  Vegas has always been something of a wasteland when it comes to elite status.  Now, that’s all changed.

If you haven’t taken part in one of these chats before, the participants answer questions that are submitted beforehand as well as answering some live questions during the chat.

It’s easy to submit your question right here in this Milepoint thread.

I can’t wait to ask Jeff & Scott a few questions.  I hope you’ll join us.

Just tune in 9pm EDT, which is also 8pm CDT, 7pm MDT, 6pm PDT.


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