Viva Las Vegas! Hyatt/M Life Status Matches & Live Chat Tomorrow

Courtesy of Jeff Zidell, Senior Vice President of Hyatt Gold Passport on Milepoint:

Dear Milepoint members,

I wanted to remind you about the live chat that I will be cohosting, tomorrow at 7 p.m. MDT, with MGM Resorts Senior Vice President of Brand Strategy and Advertising Scott Voeller here on Milepoint. I look forward to speaking with you then!

Additionally, I have even more exciting news to share! Starting tomorrow, August 20th, you will able to opt-in to receive your matched M life Tier Level. As an M life member, you will receive exclusive benefits like room and show discounts, members-only access to award winning restaurants and much more. 

Check back with us tomorrow at for your opportunity to opt-in for your matched M life Tier Level.

Viva Las Vegas!
Jeff Zidell
Senior Vice President
Hyatt Gold Passport

Just in time for the Milepoint live chat Tuesday night, Hyatt has everything in place for the free M Life status matches.  I’m lucky enough to already have M Life Noir status as part of this promotion, but it’s exciting none the less to see all Hyatt Gold Passport elite members have the ability to status match.

Don’t forget to participate in the live chat Tuesday evening.  All you have to do is click here to get a reminder for when the chat starts.

Hyatt M



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  1. Being Noir prior to the the collaboration between M-life and Hyatt, I feel that this partnership completely devalues those of us who had to earn m-life status the difficult way. Noir is $1,000,000 wagered and Platinum is $100,000 wagered. Granted that’s not much in gambling terms, to have mattress runners and business travelers get the same benefits as I have “worked” for and not have it reciprocal stinks.

    1. Points Unicorn, I can’t speak to what M-Life status was like prior to this offer. But, Noir status is not included in the matching scenarios here. Hyatt members cannot acquire Noir status via a match. Platinum will see some dilution, but I don’t see this being a major impact. Hyatt is the smallest of the major programs so I don’t think you’ll see the lines for Platinum type access events growing exponentially.

  2. Status matches are a great tool to get elite benefits quickly. However keep in mind that you can usually only do it once per loyalty account. So you have to qualify on your own the year after and it gets really easy to get used to elite treatment 🙂

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