A Comprehensive Guide To How Much An Anker External Battery Actually Charges

Truth in advertising can sometimes be a lost art. I took the time to test out a bunch of different batteries from my favorite brand, Anker, to see how much life they actually breathed into my iPhone and iPad. I wanted to find the perfect battery to replace the current Anker one I use.

I received no compensation from Anker, I just really like their products. You get the benefit of my, ahem, attention to detail so you can make the right decision for your power needs.

Best Travel Battery On Sale This Morning On Amazon

The best brand of batteries is part of Lightning Deals this morning on Amazon..  I’ve written about some of the great Anker products I carry in my backpack before, including: The Best USB Charger My Favorite Choices For Power On The Road Today, it’s a battery on sale, the Anker 2nd Gen Astro E4 13,000 mAh 3 Amp portable battery. It’s normally priced in the $35 to $40 range but it’s priced at $21.99 for Lightning Deals today.  If you’re not familiar with Lightning Deals, they’re first-come first-served.  This one […]

Miles And Points Are Just Like Dollars

The miles and points game isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re going to collect miles and points it behooves you to understand what they’re worth. Spending on a cash-back credit card has a clear return. It’s defined in the terms of the card agreement. But, miles and points, whether they’re earned from flying, staying in hotels or credit card spend have a variable value. Just like you’d ask how much cash back you get, you should ask how much you can get for miles and points you’re earning. Here are some examples.

A Mileage Run: Step-By-Step

I did a pretty poor job of planning my travel this year.  I usually have everything mapped out months in advance so I know I have enough miles where I need them to make sure I re-qualify for my favorite status, Executive Platinum level with American Airlines. This year, I started out thinking I would lose my 1K status from United, but then ended up with a bunch of travel on UA and was at risk of losing Executive Platinum.  That meant I was waiting for a fare sale to […]