More Amazon Black Friday Deals I Recommend

This is my second Black Friday deal post today.  You should also check out my first one about Amazon tech I’ve reviewed that’s on sale today.

If you’ve followed along here in the past, you know I love Anker batteries to recharge my iPhone and iPad.  There appear to be two Black Friday deals for Anker batteries:

Anker 10000 mAh battery for $23.99:

This one comes with the quick-charging technology that should charge your device quicker.  I haven’t tested this specific battery but have tested others with the quick-charging technology.  From my tests of a similar Anker battery I was able to charge my iPhone 6s more than 3 times.

Folks may like the smaller form factor here, with this battery easily fitting in your pocket.

Anker 16750 mAh battery for $27.99:

If you’re looking for a bigger battery, this one fits the bill.  I carry this around when the family decides to go hunt Pokemon together.  I can get 5 or 6 charges out of an iPhone with this one and it does a pretty solid job charging an iPad.  It also has 2 charging ports versus one.

Amazon Black Friday Deals

Anker 16750 mAh

Here’s my comprehensive battery charging test I did on various sizes of Anker batteries.

Solid Prices On Black Friday

The Anker devices do jump around a bit in price.  These represent some of the lowest I’ve seen on these devices.  I’ve never had an Anker battery fail.  They’re ridiculously reliable and durable.  They’re well-priced and Anker has an awesome 18-month guarantee on their products.  If you think you’re in the market for a battery, jump on these today.

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