Great Black Friday Pricing On Amazon Gadgets I’ve Reviewed

Amazon has Black Friday pricing on most of the gadgets that they manufacture.  Amazon has been in the gadget business for quite a few years now.  They make tablets (they sold a phone for a bit, which failed) and a bunch of other connected gadgets that you might find helpful.  Here are a few I recommend:

Amazon Echo for $139:

The Echo is a connected home device that you can use to play music, track reminders, timers, order things from Amazon and a bunch more.  I reviewed it shortly after it was released.  Since then, they’ve continued to add features and I think the device is really starting to come into its own.

Black Friday

Interestingly, this price is $10 higher than it was on Amazon Prime Day a few months ago.  I guess Amazon doesn’t think it needs to offer the absolute lowest price on Black Friday.  At any rate, it’s normally $179, so this is one of the best discounts I’ve seen.

Amazon Fire Tablet For $33.33:

This is the lowest price I’ve seen for a solid tablet.  I reviewed this and gave one away to a reader.  I really don’t think you can go wrong for the price.  A $33 tablet????

Black Friday

Amazon Tap Is $89 (Lowest Price I’ve Seen):

This is $10 cheaper than I’ve ever seen Amazon Tap, even on Amazon Prime Day.  This is a portable bluetooth speaker that carries the same Alexa “connected” abilities as the Echo.

Black Friday

That’s a solid price for a good quality bluetooth speaker, even if you don’t find value in the Alexa features.

Amazon Dot For $39.99:

The Amazon Dot is a mini Echo that you can more easily place around the house (and for a lot cheaper).  It works with any bluetooth or wired input to an existing speaker system.  It’s a really great way to introduce the features of the Echo for a lot less money using your existing speakers.

Amazon Fire TV For $74.99:

This is Amazon’s answer to Apple TV and Google Play.  $74.99 is a decent discount off of Amazon’s normal price and a lot cheaper than the Apple TV.  I happen to prefer Apple TV, but I don’t think you can go wrong value-shopping on the Amazon Fire.

Some Great Amazon Gadgets For Solid Prices

I’ll be keeping my eye on lots of other gadgets today, so stay tuned.

I don’t generally include a lot of referral links in my posts, and only then for products I actually use.  The Amazon links I share here are referral links for me and earn me a small bit of coin if you buy something from one of these links.  It’s the same price for you, and I appreciate the support of my blog.

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