Big Rebates On Gift Cards, A Plane Made Of Flowers And Doing Something Good, Just Because

Here’s what I’m reading about in the world of miles and points:

Cheap Flights of the Day:

$100 round-trip flights to Miami

Frontier is still featuring a bunch of cities for $20 one-way.  Lot of great deals to be had all over the country.  I actually flew Frontier recently and didn’t completely hate it.  The pricing was really good, even with the fees (which you need to be aware of).

In Case You Missed It:

I’m TRYING to give away 100,000 miles

I’m giving away a portable bluetooth speaker worth almost $100!

The DOT has rejected the partnership between American Airlines and Qantas.  I’ll admit to being surprised by this.  The Australian government already signed off on it.  And, with other airlines flying to Australia and New Zealand (Delta, United, Air New Zealand), I don’t think American and Qantas can really control pricing on these routes.  In this specific instance, the lack of a joint venture will likely prevent service to secondary markets in Australia and New Zealand from the US.  I think the risk of higher fares on some routes is balanced by the availability of new service.

The Lightest iPhone Case I’ve Ever Seen

Don’t Miss Out On Great Hotel Sales Still Going On

The world’s largest flower pot?  I think it’s an airplane.

Apparently, some people still actually buy CDs to listen to music.  And, there’s a sale!

How To Earn Cash Back On In-Store Purchases.  Nice!

The Lufthansa pilot strike continues to cause havoc.  My best friend got stuck in this mess yesterday and had to drastically re-route his trip to Africa.

1,000 Bonus AAdvantage Miles When Shopping At Neiman Marcus

Purchase a $200 Visa Gift Card at Bed, Bath & Beyond and get a $25 rebate!

The best article of the day.  One blogger gives some thought to how to make the world a better place on Thanksgiving.  I used to be a curmudgeonly traveler, getting grumpy at the smallest thing.  I’ve tried to change that and be happier to flight attendants, gate agents and my fellow travelers.  I’m surprised and pleased by how many people are shocked when someone acts kindly during a bad situation.  Matthew’s definitely on the right track.  Small bits of effort can lead to big change.

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  1. It’s nearly the end of the year and i haven’t used my $200 airline travel benefit that comes with the American Express Platinum card. I understand that I can no longer use this to purchase Amazon gift cards via the United Shopping Portal . I’m flying on American next week. Any suggestions? Rules for this card indicate that I must pick another airline in January or continue with the airline previously selected.

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