Best Travel Battery On Sale This Morning On Amazon

The best brand of batteries is part of Lightning Deals this morning on Amazon..  I’ve written about some of the great Anker products I carry in my backpack before, including:

The Best USB Charger

My Favorite Choices For Power On The Road

Today, it’s a battery on sale, the Anker 2nd Gen Astro E4 13,000 mAh 3 Amp portable battery.

Travel Battery

It’s normally priced in the $35 to $40 range but it’s priced at $21.99 for Lightning Deals today.  If you’re not familiar with Lightning Deals, they’re first-come first-served.  This one just opened up, so there’s still time to jump on it.

I love the Anker batteries and I’ll be doing some more in-depth reviews of some different battery sizes in the near future, so stay tuned!

Thanks to Keri from Heels First for letting me earlier this morning!


  1. I find it odd that the travel blogs are promoting a high priced iPhone charger today @OneMileataTime @KLAtravel @pizzinmotion (as compared to the $5-$10 generics).

    If you are looking to promote tech products and as a strong affiliate program and great prices on generic items like this.

    1. Iolaire, I’ve used some of the generics from Monoprice and others. I’ve found I get better life out of the Anker products than the different generic ones I’ve tried. At full retail, I don’t think the Anker stuff is worth it. But, when the prices come down I’m a buyer!

      1. I will say that it sounds like all of you are using the product and liking it. I’ve had the cheap stuff fail, and it takes a long time to get it with free shipping from China…

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