My Favorite Choices To Power Devices When Traveling

Spend enough time on the road and you’ll lose your fair share of chargers, combs, toothbrushes, etc.  And, if you’re a bit nitty like me, you’ll start to grow attached to inanimate objects, maybe more than one might think reasonable.

But, my nits are to your benefit, as I test a lot of different products.  You can see a few of my favorite things here:

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I decided to put together a post about my favorite power solutions on the road.  Here are images and descriptions of what I like and why I like them:

Monster Outlets To Go Power 3 For Tablets(link to Amazon page):

This has 3 outlets for standard US power cords and 2 USB ports.  The key to this one for me is the two USB ports.  One is geared for tablets (higher amps) and one for an iphone, etc.  I’ve had good luck with this, though I did have one die on me (they quickly replaced it free of charge).  It’s very compact but allows for a lot of power options.

Travel Charger



Monster Outlets To Go Power Strip(link to Amazon page):

When I first saw this product, there wasn’t an option with a USB port on the side.  There’s now an additional version that does come with a USB port on the side.  This can be convenient when you need to get a plug in a hard to reach spot, unlike the version above which can be a bit hard to get into small spaces.

Travel Charger

However, as a general rule, I have more than one device to charge that can use a USB power supply.  If you’re in that same boat, you can either go with the first option above, or consider the add-on below.

Anker 36Watt 4-USB Charger(link to Amazon page):

This will power a lot of devices at once, delivering 2.4 amps per port and 7 amps overall.  A lot of chargers fail because they can’t deliver enough juice to power two tablets at once.  When we travel as a family, I’ll sometimes have multiple iPads that need to be charged at once and that can overwhelm a lot of chargers.  Not this Anker, which is very compact as you can see from the pics (I left my hand in so you could get an idea of size).  It fits easily in the small side pouch of my backpack.

Travel Charger

Travel Charger

Those are my latest and greatest from trying quite a few different chargers.  Both Monster and Anker make reliable products that take the beating of regular travel.  I don’t think I’ve found the perfect charger yet but these are definitely the best I’ve found so far.

What are your favorite travel chargers?

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  1. Dump your Anker and get the Bolse 5 or 7 port USB smart chargers which can charge anything. 3′ cord so you can use hard to reach to reach sockets. 7 port is enough for two people.

    I bring portable battery packs (Omaker is fantastic) and charge at night. Devices then get charged in the safe (or in my luggage) during the day.

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