The Best USB Charger Gets Better

I’m a big fan of Anker products, so I wasn’t even really annoyed when Facebook decided to splash an ad up in my feed letting me know they had updated my favorite charger.  I covered all of my favorites in this post, one of which was a 4-port USB charger that I carry with me.  This is what the previous version looked like:

USB Charger

USB Charger

The new version 4 has two improvements.  Here’s what it looks like (with a pen next to it so you can gauge size):

USB Charger

USB Charger

USB Charger

In the new version, the plug is rotated 90 degrees and also flips up to retract into the base of the plug.

USB Charger

This change solves the only problem I’ve ever had with this plug.  When the prongs were mounted in the middle, it would sometimes fall out of “loose outlets” on airplanes when I traveled.  With the prongs moved to the top, the charger rests comfortably against the outlet.

This 40W charger has plenty of power to charge 4 iPads/tablets at one time, so no slow charging.

It’s for sale on Amazon and if you click one of my links in this post I’ll earn a small commission from Amazon.  I appreciate it and it doesn’t cost you anything.  A few hundred purchases and I can buy a cup of coffee at Starbucks!


  1. I used to use the original Anker pictured. HATED that the plugs didn’t fold and middle positioning. Glad to see that has been fixed.

    1. AndyTLe, I only had issues with it on a flew flights. Obviously don’t think it was on UA given their lack of seat power. But, I agree older design was less than ideal. Was still my favorite and glad to see it updated.

  2. I love ANKER products. I got ANKER 5-port charger and it is super fast charging. Also try the car charger, it is super fast too.

  3. I actually like the middle position of the plug in the V3 charger. I don’t like the fact that the prongs stick out, but that doesn’t stop me from keeping it in my briefcase all the time. It’s my favorite charger.

    Thanks for the heads up on the new version. I just need to decide what I like more: the middle plugs or the retractability.

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