Big 20,100 mAh Anker Battery On Sale Today

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Amazon continues to feature deals this holiday weekend on things I carry on my backpack. Anker has been my go-to battery for quite some time.

The Anker 20,000 mAh is a big battery, perfect for charging multiple phones at the same time, charging a tablet or a whole lot of Pokemon Go time.

It’s on sale today on Amazon for $27.99. That’s the same price the 16,750 mAh battery was on Black Friday. I paid $39.99 for my 20,100 mAh battery and this newer version should charge quicker and allow you to charge two iPads at the same time.

Curious how much juice you actually get from a battery that big?  Here’s the comprehensive test I ran on a number of different sized batteries.

The form factor on this lends itself to storing it in your front or back pocket, long and narrow.

Anker Battery Sale

If a battery with a ton of juice is what you’re looking for, I doubt you’ll see a cheaper price on Cyber Monday.

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