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My Presentations From Frequent Traveler University

I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who took the time to come and hear me speak at Frequent Traveler University in Washington, DC this weekend.  It’s very rewarding for me to help educate others given all the help I’ve received over the years from folks who helped make me better at the miles and points game.  If you missed writing down some part of my presentations, decided to attend a different one or even couldn’t make it to DC, I’ve gone ahead and put all four of […]

United Puts A Dent In Elite Family Travel Benefits

I’m not one of those guys that believe an airline forms a binding contract with loyalty members.  I get that benefits will change over time and a big part of our “game” is finding the best way to leverage those benefits before they change. But, the change that Mommy Points detailed last week really will hurt me when traveling with my family.  The change involves no longer being able to convey your elite status to people you book award tickets for unless you are traveling on the same reservation as […]

Why I Love Travel And Why Those Reasons Changed!

I always enjoy hearing stories from people about their favorite travel memories. I’ve heard so many great stories from fellow travelers, readers of my blog as well as close friends and family. I’ve had an especially heavy business travel schedule the first half of 2013. The older I get the less enjoyable those trips tend to be, especially because they mean time away from my family. A little bit of travel fatigue lead me to think about that next dream vacation I want to take, which lead me further to […]

A Great Airport Idea for Traveling Families

One of the challenges families face when flying is trying to keep the kids together (and happy) while doing all the necessary things to get on a plane, including security, getting to the gate, getting bags stowed, etc. And, unless you’re lucky enough to sit in first class on every flight, getting food for the flight is a part of the new airline reality.  Most flights that do have meals on sale onboard don’t carry enough of each item to serve everyone, so there’s always the risk there’s no food […]