My Presentations From Frequent Traveler University

I wanted to say a big thanks to everyone who took the time to come and hear me speak at Frequent Traveler University in Washington, DC this weekend.  It’s very rewarding for me to help educate others given all the help I’ve received over the years from folks who helped make me better at the miles and points game.  If you missed writing down some part of my presentations, decided to attend a different one or even couldn’t make it to DC, I’ve gone ahead and put all four of the presentations I was a part of online.

As an aside, it’s important to note that Mommy Points has traditionally done all the heavy lifting for the slides on the two presentations we do together (Getting Started and Family Travel).  I’ve always enjoyed presenting with her and appreciate her doing that heavy lifting.  Here are the links:

Getting Started with Miles and Points

Ten Ways to Make Family Travel Easier and Cheaper

An Introductory Comparison of Hotel Status

All About American Airlines and AAdvantage

Always happy to answer questions!

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  1. Laughed out loud on the family travel slides at the comment about in-flight: “If the kid falls asleep – don’t move”

  2. Enjoyed your presentation at FTU. I now find that in 2015, I’ll be travelling frequently to a particular location that has a convenient Hampton Inn. Signing up for IHG now. Any special tips for building IHG points fast? I’d like to utilize the Hampton Inn. THANKS

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