Which Way To The Plane?  Take Alpha To Bravo

The best laid plans…

Take Alpha To Bravo

So, before this picture, I had a couple of days planned to get caught up on a bunch of blog posts I need to write. The good news is that they don’t think it’s broken, but we’ve got two weeks in a cast to be safe, then a follow-up (and hopefully a cast free rest of the summer).

At any rate, hoping to get back to blogging shortly. In the interim, here’s a little bit of info only an aviation geek could find funny/interesting. Upon landing at Dulles airport recently, I wanted to check traffic because I landed during rush hour with an errand to run. For some reason, I ended up zoomed in on the airport. Who knew those lanes between the terminals actually had names?

Take Alpha To Bravo

So, next time you’re at the airport, just take a left onto Bravo Road and then a right onto Charlie. You should see your gate up there on the right, beside the Starbucks.

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