A Great Airport Idea for Traveling Families

One of the challenges families face when flying is trying to keep the kids together (and happy) while doing all the necessary things to get on a plane, including security, getting to the gate, getting bags stowed, etc.

And, unless you’re lucky enough to sit in first class on every flight, getting food for the flight is a part of the new airline reality.  Most flights that do have meals on sale onboard don’t carry enough of each item to serve everyone, so there’s always the risk there’s no food available onboard.  And, for those of you with kids, you know how cranky they can be when they’re hungry.

I came across this story yesterday about restaurants that deliver food to the gate.  To say I love the concept would be an understatement.  Our normal gate routine is to get everyone situated, then take Catherine for a potty run, then one of us parent-folk goes and looks at food choices and either makes a decision for both of us or comes back so the other parent can go look at the menu.

If I could just review the menu and order food at the gate, I would be a sure-fire customer of this pretty much every time.  Now, I’ve never been to Sacramento.  But, if it works, I can’t imagine it would take HMS Host long to roll out elsewhere.

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