Boeing Continues to Show The Reach of the Dreamliner

A bit of older news, but Boeing got an order for 4 787s from a Russian airline.

I’m already pretty bullish on the 787 and Boeing.  Seeing orders coming from countries like China and Russia (who are both trying to build their own planes) is a great sign of the global strength of Boeing and the 787 product.

I don’t know where Transaero plans to fly the 787s, or what they plan for a configuration.  In fact, I hadn’t heard of them before reading this news piece.  They already have some service to North America with more planned in the future.  Looks like it’s about $1,000 to fly roundtrip Miami-Moscow.

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  1. The Chinese and Russian manufacturers who are trying to build commercial jets are competing in the narrowbody space (replacements for B737/A320), not widebodies like the B787. Hence no surprise that a commercial airline that has needs for widebody capabilities would be buying from either Boeing or Airbus.

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