A Picture Is Worth…A Free Airline Ticket

Pictures are such an easy thing to take nowadays.  Virtually everyone has a smartphone, and most smartphones take pictures as good (or sometimes better) than digital cameras.  For our family, that means lots more memories captured when we travel.  I was trying to think of a good contest to have this fall and  also happened to be reviewing some of our summer vacation pics.  And, that’s where I came up with the idea for the contest. First, I’m giving away one free coach ticket in for travel on American Airlines […]

A Good Strategy To Earn Free Vegas Comps From Your Computer

Spoiler alert!  By the end of this post I might change my position that Facebook is the devil’s work. For those that are serious about collecting miles and points, hanging around communities like Milepoint, it’s generally about getting the most value out of a specific situation.  At our hearts, we’re deal junkies, always looking to find a way to eke out just a bit more from an unbelievable opportunity. When my best friend told me about the MyVegas game on Facebook, it sounded like the type of thing that was […]

The Gamification Of Travel: A Fun Way To Earn Expedia Rewards

While I tote around an iPhone and an iPad, I definitely consider myself a bit of social media introvert.  I can spell Twitter and Facebook, and I have my fair share of Foursquare check-ins.  But other than that, a novice.  Despite that, I was definitely intrigued by an article by Stephanie Rosenbloom of the New York Times recently about some fun new apps associated with travel. Stephanie brings up two things I think some of you will find interesting, one of which I’m certain to try.  First, she talks about […]

News and Notes on Monday, March 11th 2013

American Airlines is giving 100,000 AAdvantage miles in a contest on their Facebook page.  They’re promoting the fact that their fleet is mostly outfitted with Gogo wifi, so you also have a chance to win a Gogo pass or 100 miles.  I’ve had a Gogo monthly pass for as long as I can remember and it’s probably one of the most valuable things I travel with.  In-flight wifi is the greatest thing to happen in my travel patterns in the last 5 years. At the same time, JetBlue is contemplating […]

Tools And Tricks: Seat Guru’s New iPhone App

It seems to be my theme this week to review useful travel apps.  I stumbled across ExpertFlyer’s iPhone app a couple of days ago and posted my thoughts. Then, this morning, I saw an article on Seat Guru’s new iPhone app.  A bit of background on SeatGuru.  It was started by someone I consider a good friend, Matt Daimler, who has gone on to found other successful companies.  He sold SeatGuru to TripAdvisor back in 2007.  For quite some time (IMO) things were status quo.  There was integration with TripAdvisor […]

And The Winners Are…..

Thanks to everyone who decided to follow me through WordPress, Twitter and Facebook and for the over 1,000 comments during the time of the contest.  Heck, some of those comments were even logical.  🙂 I also wanted to take a moment and let everyone know I have 3 more contests coming up.  Two will be for various swag I collected and some drink vouchers and the 3rd will be more points/miles, though I haven’t decided what to give away yet.  So, stay tuned… Contest #1 had a total of 1324 […]

Potentially Lucrative Hilton 24-Hour Sale But Be Careful of Non-Refundable Rates

Hilton just dropped an e-mail in my inbox this evening that features an upcoming 24-hour sale: Obviously, a 40% discount is pretty nice for a quick getaway.  And, the extra 2500 points for visiting their Facebook page is a nice pop. But, all of these rates are fully prepaid and non-refundable. Some people are willing to sacrifice flexibility for a great deal.  I’m usually not.  It’s unclear whether this promo is stackable with other quarterly promos Hilton will have throughout the year.  For at least the first quarter promo, the […]

A New Year Of Giveaways! A Free Ticket on American Airlines, 25,000 United Miles or Hyatt Points

I decided to host a couple giveaways to celebrate the New Year!  First, a reminder on how to keep informed on all the miles and points goodies we discuss: There’s a box in the right-hand corner of my website where you can enter your e-mail address for updates each time I post (conveniently labeled “Feed Me Pizza!”). You can follow me on Twitter. And, I finally broke down and decided to join the Facebook world, so you can like my Facebook page. Now, for the fun part (or parts).  I’m […]

What To Do If You Need To Travel During Hurricane Sandy (Thanks To View From The Wing)

I had just started detailing a post on what to do if you were stuck traveling through the hurricane when I saw this post courtesy of View From The Wing. If you scroll down past the electric stuff, you’ll find Gary has already put together all the re-accomodation policies for the major airlines as well as a few strategies for how to get through to your airline of choice.  I’ve got two suggestions to add to Gary’s wealth of info: 1.  Don’t forget about social media.  Some of the airlines […]

A Decent Hilton Giveaway If You’re On Facebook

I’m still not on Facebook, though inching closer.  And, I’m not a huge fan of the Hilton HHonors program.  But, there are so many Hilton brands across the world that they represent a necessary part of the travel ecosystem.  I don’t look to Hilton for luxury, per se.  But, you’re likely to find one in every city you travel to. Hilton is giving away 1 Million HHonors points every day for the next few weeks, along with other smaller prizes.  No purchase necessary, you just have to like them on […]