What To Do If You Need To Travel During Hurricane Sandy (Thanks To View From The Wing)

I had just started detailing a post on what to do if you were stuck traveling through the hurricane when I saw this post courtesy of View From The Wing.

If you scroll down past the electric stuff, you’ll find Gary has already put together all the re-accomodation policies for the major airlines as well as a few strategies for how to get through to your airline of choice.  I’ve got two suggestions to add to Gary’s wealth of info:

1.  Don’t forget about social media.  Some of the airlines are great at responding to tweets or via Facebook.  If you’re stuck on a long hold it’s worth a try.

2.  I’m also happy to help get someone connected to an elite line (generally shorter wait times) at either United or American by hopping on the phone with you.  Just e-mail me or send me a tweet at twitter.com/pizzainmotion.

Please be safe!

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