Potentially Lucrative Hilton 24-Hour Sale But Be Careful of Non-Refundable Rates

Hilton just dropped an e-mail in my inbox this evening that features an upcoming 24-hour sale:

But Be Careful

Obviously, a 40% discount is pretty nice for a quick getaway.  And, the extra 2500 points for visiting their Facebook page is a nice pop.

But, all of these rates are fully prepaid and non-refundable.

Screen Shot 2013-01-14 at 9.40.20 PM

Some people are willing to sacrifice flexibility for a great deal.  I’m usually not.  It’s unclear whether this promo is stackable with other quarterly promos Hilton will have throughout the year.  For at least the first quarter promo, the T&C state it may not be combined with other select offers.  I tend to think it will be stackable.

The limit on bonus points is 4 weekend stays.  I’m guessing this will be very much a YMMV type promo.  When you consider that there are a ton of properties NOT participating in the Q1 promo, it wouldn’t surprise me to see a whole bunch of properties not load any rates for this 24-hour sale. But, there may be deals to be had for those deal junkies so inclined….


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  1. If I understand this, this is a 2500 bonus point offer on top of what has been an ongoing sale. There is no additional 24 hour discount. Just the points. Is that correct?

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