Highest Mileage Earning Rate For Snapfish I’ve Seen

Sites like Snapfish are an integral part of being a parent.  I can’t say I patronize Snapfish myself.  I’m sure I’ve logged in at some point, but Snapfish is really my wife’s domain.  And, right now they’re offering 14 miles per dollar for every dollar you spend with them through the American Airlines AADvantage shopping mall.

Earning Rate

It’s only through January 19th, but if you have any pending purchases for Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc, this is the best offer I’m aware of.

My wife puts together a calendar with pictures of the kids every year at Christmas, and then prints them up through Snapfish, Shutterfly or Costco.  They get wrapped up as Christmas gifts for various family and friends. And, throughout the year there are other odds and ends that parents want to print pictures for.

Usually, the Ultimate Rewards mall has the best offer for the picture sites, with Snapfish at 10 miles/$.  But, this current offer at 14 miles per dollar is the best I can recall seeing.


  1. I don’t have kids, but I’ve been thinking of finally organizing images from all my travels. Is snapfish cost effective and easy to use in general, or are the miles the biggest incentive? What’s your wife favorite platform?

    1. travelbugdiaryblog, my wife slightly prefers Shutterfly. She finds both Snapfish and Shutterfly easy to use, roughly about the same. Because she’s used Shutterfly in the past they tend to send her better discounts, so orders tend to go that way. She generally checks prices on both before ordering.

  2. I already use Snapfish – I got hooked on it during the McDonald’s Monopoly game and won a bunch of free credit. Afterwards I kept using it. This is a great deal and will come in very handy for me. Thanks for the heads-up!

  3. Watch for big bonus offers, saw one on Shutterfly for 1500 HHonors points and a free photo book, just had to pay shipping. 14miles/$ is good but there might be better options out there.

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