A Good Strategy To Earn Free Vegas Comps From Your Computer

Spoiler alert!  By the end of this post I might change my position that Facebook is the devil’s work.

For those that are serious about collecting miles and points, hanging around communities like Milepoint, it’s generally about getting the most value out of a specific situation.  At our hearts, we’re deal junkies, always looking to find a way to eke out just a bit more from an unbelievable opportunity.

When my best friend told me about the MyVegas game on Facebook, it sounded like the type of thing that was cool but probably not interesting enough to pay serious attention to, I’m sure tainted a bit by my aversion to most things Facebook.

I started to get a bit more interested when my best friend told me he earned enough free comps from the game to get two premium tickets to the Cirque De Soleil show “O”.  Couple that with the new Hyatt/MGM Resorts M Life partnership and this started to intrigue me.  Here’s a sampling of the rewards you can earn:

Vegas Comps


10,000 points (a few days of occasional playing) yields a free ticket to a popular concert.

Vegas Comps


A million points will allow you to pick the fountain songs at the Bellagio fountain show for a romantic evening.  And, roughly 50,000 points get you a caviar and vodka tasting at Petrossian.  I’ve been playing off and on for about a month and have roughly 50,000 points.  There are buffet passes, free drinks and much more.  The rooms available via comps don’t strike me as a great value, since you can normally find pretty good rates in Vegas (even better if you combine your airline purchase with your hotel reservation).  81,000 points gets you a free night at Monte Carlo on the weekend, gotta think you can get better value than that.

Vegas Comps


The game is based mostly around slot machine play and there’s plenty of strategy.  There are sites dedicated to proper strategy, message boards, whole legions of folks coming up with the ideal strategy to maximize earnings.

Vegas Comps


You collect chips from the casinos you build and spend them playing various games.  There’s a daily spin bonus and a social component.  The more friends you invite to play the game the bigger bonus you get on a daily basis.

Vegas Comps


You can buy chips to accelerate your earnings, but this just strikes me as completely against the point if you’re a deal junkie.  Similar to buying miles, I could see opportunities where you’re trying to get to a specific redemption.  But, other than that, I see the purpose as building up points for some free fun on your next Vegas trip.

I’m not completely convinced that Facebook isn’t the devil, but I am a bit more positive on it for the moment.

ETA: If you’re trying to find this app on Facebook, try this link:  Apps.facebook.com/playmyvegas

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  1. re: The more friends you invite to play the game the bigger bonus you get on a daily basis.
    Can you post your referral link or shoot me a referral to my email address in this comment?

    1. Happy to help you build your list of connections for MyVegas. We have to be Facebook friends. So, let me know what your FB account is and we’ll like up. Or, PM me on Milepoint.

        1. Michael, sorry for the delay in responding. Try this:


          Also, let me know if you sign up and we can add each other as friends to boost the bonuses (the more friends you have signed up the bigger bonus you receive on a daily basis).

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