Hyatt’s New Fall Promo: New Possibilities

I’m running a couple days behind reviewing Hyatt’s fall 2013 promo.  On whole, hotel promotions have been less rewarding then in year’s past as occupancy and rates have risen.  On it’s face, I’m reasonably pleased with the Hyatt promo based on those circumstances.  It’s a promotion based on the number of nights stayed during the period as opposed to stays, which makes it a bit harder to max out cheaply.  The key details:

Fall Promo

At 5 nights, this promo isn’t a ton of bonus but each of the subsequent tiers becomes more rewarding.  The promotion runs from September 9th, 2013 until November 30th, 2013.  It doesn’t include the December travel for Christmas and New Year vacations which will also make it a bit harder to max out.

You do need to register, which you can do here.

This promo is a good fit for travelers like me that have multi-night stays.  If you “mattress run” or hop from hotel to hotel when you travel to maximize benefits you won’t see any extra benefits here versus stay-based promotions that have been popular in the past.

The only thing that surprised me a bit was that Hyatt didn’t include a component for customers that hold their Hyatt Visa card.  That’s been a consistent part of Hyatt promos for the past year or so.  I assumed it was a part of their marketing strategy to attract customers to their branded card.

I thought it made good sense to continue a tier for Visa folks.  It wasn’t a lot of extra points, thus didn’t cost them much.  I thought it would help attract loyal credit card customers for the future.  Maybe that wasn’t working the way they wanted, or maybe they’ve attained a level of buy-in from their existing loyalty card members that has plateaued.  At any rate, it’s not included this time around.

It’s more lucrative then their previous spring promo, which offered 3,000 bonus points every 3 nights.  It’s better and worse in comparison to the Hyatt fall promo last year, in that you can earn more points this fall on your first chunk of nights but last fall’s promo had a higher total potential earning factor.  All in all, par for the course based on the market right now.  I’m certain it will be the promo that best fits my travel needs amongst the major chains, but there’s enough variety when you look at the other promos.  I plan to do a summary post shortly of the promos announced so far.



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