What’s On Your iPad, September 2013?

While plenty of planes have in-flight entertainment systems, I’m always happy to bring my own (my iPad) with me.  It’s gotten to the point where I don’t really remember what I did before I had an iPad.  Work tasks are easier and they serve as a great entertainment device.  I always wonder what other people have on their iPads, so here’s another edition of “What’s On Your iPad?”.  I’ll start with a few new things I’m using:

First, fun apps!

Asphalt 8 (link):  If you’re into driving games on your iPad, this one’s pretty good.  The best one I’ve played since the original version of Real Racing.

What's On Your iPad

Riptide GP (link):  Fun waterski racing game that I find easy to lose myself in for a few minutes.  I’ve always like water sports games but hadn’t discovered any good ones for the iPad.

Family Apps!

Storybots: This is a family of apps for kids.  One of our favorites is Storybots Learning Videos.  There’s actually a total of 9 different apps available on their website.  They cover a pretty wide range of learning and our kids have a great time with them.  There are free videos to watch and a monthly subscription model that’s pretty reasonable for the amount of time that we use it.

What's On Your iPad


DocuSign Ink (link):  Makes it super easy to sign pretty much any document on the fly.  It’s free and easy to use on both iPhone and iPad.  It can be used for other features like managing a document that needs multiple signatures.  But, it’s my go-to app for signing docs quickly and easily.

Last, but not least, TV and movies!

Newsroom:  HBO show by Aaron Sorkin (West Wing, A Few Good Men).  Viewable on HBO Go if you have access to that app.  Holy cow, this show is good.  I just finished watching the season finale.  If you liked West Wing or like Aaron Sorkin and you’re not watching this, what in the H-E-Double Hockey Sticks are you waiting for?  No spoiler alerts for those who haven’t watched the season finale, but it was awesome and, to be honest, unpredictable.  Okay, some of it you could see coming, but most of it was unexpected.  The show hasn’t technically been renewed for a 3rd season.  If it somehow doesn’t get renewed I’ll lose my favorite show on television.

Now You See Me:  (link to iTunes) My best friend recommended this movie to me.  I haven’t watched it yet.  So, if you watch it based on seeing me talk about it here and don’t like it, I can blame him!

That’s what’s happening on my iPad.  What about your fill-in-the-blank (iPhone, Android, Chrome Tablet, Galaxy Tablet, Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry)?

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  1. – Oyster, a “Netflix for Books” program out of NYC. They only have Random House books, but it’s $10 for all-you-can read books.

    – 7 Simple Words: a simple, but intellectually engaging (free) word game

    – the new Outlook Web Access (OWA) and Lync 2013 apps from Office365 from Microsoft. They’re brand new to iOS and are the BEST way to read your e-mail and do your in-house IMs if your company is Office-based.

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