1,500 Miles From American Airlines For Buying The New Bose Noise CancellingHeadphones

Bose is awarding 1,500 AAdvantage miles to anyone who purchases the new Bose QC 20i noise cancelling headphones.

1500 Miles



Here’s a link that will take you to the Bose website for the purchase.  I actually purchased these a couple weeks ago but was waiting to post my review until after a trans-Atlantic flight I have this week to make sure they’ve been tested fully.  Spoiler alert? In a word, wow!

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    1. Anon, I was just having a conversation with someone who says they let in too much sound. Only thing I can figure is they don’t have the right size earbuds, because I’m loving mine. Review is mostly written, just waiting for my TATL tomorrow.

    1. Assuming I understand the question correctly, the tips are removable and interchangeable. So, I think you could put on custom tips. But, I believe all the Bose stores have them on display so easy enough to walk in with the tips you have and try them out.

  1. I have been longing for a pair of these for some time. Finally, with the Bose 10% off promo (matched at Amazon), plus 20% off Amazon gift cards at Quick Trip, plus no sales tax at Amazon, plus 2 day shipping with Prime, I am a happy man.

    1. BDMNL, glad you’re enjoying them, and at 30-ish% off, a pretty darn good deal. I’m loving them as well. Look for my review soon!

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