What’s On Your iPad, March 2014

While plenty of planes have in-flight entertainment systems, I’m always happy to bring my own (my iPad) with me.  It’s gotten to the point where I don’t really remember what I did before I had an iPad.  Work tasks are easier and they serve as a great entertainment device.  I always wonder what other people have on their iPads, so here’s another edition of “What’s On Your iPad?”.  I’ll start with a few new things I’m using:

Connect:  Okay, so technically this one is on my iPhone.  And, I have no business talking about social media apps given the curmudgeonly nature with which I’ve come to the world of social media.  But, I’m really interested in this app.  It does some smart things, including letting folks know when one of their friends is traveling.  It allows you to specify whether you want to know when a friend is close to you or just traveling in general.  It uses the location of someone’s various Faceboook, Twitter, Foursquare and other social media interactions to help deliver this info.

Where’s My Water?:   A cute game designed by Disney Interactive.  It’s a puzzle-solving game of sorts, kind of a cross between Angry Birds and Cut The Rope.

Let Her Go, By Passenger.  Admittedly, I only found out about the song from this ultra-cute Budweiser Super Bowl commercial.  Yup, I’m a sucker for a cute dog.  Nope, I didn’t buy more Budweiser products because of the commercial.

Nike Fuel Band App.  More on this later, but I’m really enjoying my Fuel Band.  Don’t worry, I’m still out of shape.

Evernote.  I still keep coming back to Evernote.  I’ve tried a fair number of similar apps and seem to end up back here.  It’s the best organizational app for my brain type, which I certainly can’t define.  It helps me organize the fire hose of information that is my business life.

Any.DO.  A simple task app if you’re looking for something to keep track of your to-do list that’s smart but doesn’t take too much thought.

That’s what’s happening on my iPad.  What about your fill-in-the-blank (iPhone, Android, Chrome Tablet, Galaxy Tablet, Blackberry, Blueberry, Strawberry)?


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  1. Office365. I can’t do work without it.

    Kindle. When I fly, I have to read. I can’t afford the bag space for a book anymore. So I read on the Kindle app, which is inferior to me than a real book, but necessary.

    The iPad Video app. The normal one that comes with it. When I fly, I want to also watch TV or movies. I use 90% of my storage space on my iPad for videos for this app. I’m currently watching Sherlock, Series 3. I’m catching up the current season of The Good Wife. And I’m about to start Rectify.

    1. Are you programmed to say Office 365, David? 😛

      I really *don’t* like the Kindle app compared to iBooks. I can’t put it into words, but it just feels much more sluggish. The Good Wife, as you know, is one of my favorite shows on TV. Hard not to like Julianna Margulies.

  2. Ditto. Kindle. Videos (watching The Americans and Justified on the road at the moment). Audio books (finishing up Daemon). Games for the kiddo (Endless ABC, Emotions from Avokiddo, Talking ABC, Petting Zoo, TocaMonsters…). Scrabble for me. The new Plants v Zombies. I tend to keep my travel related apps like AwardWallet and TripIt and such on the iPhone.

    1. Glenn, I forgot about the Toca games. I’ll need to add that one to my next pots. Thanks for sharing!

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