A New Year Of Giveaways! A Free Ticket on American Airlines, 25,000 United Miles or Hyatt Points

I decided to host a couple giveaways to celebrate the New Year!  First, a reminder on how to keep informed on all the miles and points goodies we discuss:

There’s a box in the right-hand corner of my website where you can enter your e-mail address for updates each time I post (conveniently labeled “Feed Me Pizza!”).

You can follow me on Twitter.

And, I finally broke down and decided to join the Facebook world, so you can like my Facebook page.

Now, for the fun part (or parts).  I’m giving away a free roundtrip ticket in the domestic US, Canada or Mexico on American Airlines.  It’s what’s called a PlanAAhead award, which I earned using BusinessExtraa points I earned booking tickets for myself and others who work for me.  It’s subject to all the normal availability quirks.  And, if that’s not enough, we’ll have a second place prize of either 25,000 United MileagePlus miles or 25,000 Hyatt Gold Passport points (your choice).

Contest #1:  3 ways to enter.  You can like my Facebook page and/or subscribe to my blog and/or follow me on Twitter.  Three chances to enter, and I will select one random winner from all the people who like my Facebook page, subscribe to my blog or follow me on Twitter.  For those who already follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog, don’t worry.  You’ll have one entry in the drawing as well for each of these, with the chance for another one if you like my Facebook page.

Contest #2:  Leave a comment on any post in the next two weeks (through Monday, January 14th).  Comment as many times as you like over the two weeks and I’ll randomly select one person who will win the second place prize.  The comments don’t all have to be intelligent, but blank comments will be excluded.  🙂

The winner of contest #1 will have their choice of the AA ticket or 25,000 points in either program named above.  The winner of contest #2 gets sloppy seconds.

Good luck, and thanks for paying attention to my little corner of the internet!




        1. Looks like it doesn’t appear on the iPhone. So, scroll to the bottom of the first post you see and click on “XX replies” (currently says 11 replies for the giveaway post). Then, scroll to the bottom to leave a comment and you should see an option UNDER the “Post Comment” button that says “Notify me of new posts via email.” That’ll do it.

    1. Don’t worry. As long as you already receive e-mails of my posts via subscription, you’re entered! I didn’t want to be like DirecTV and only shower gifts on new readers. 😛

  1. I just had Papa Johns pizza, hope you approve! I just want to post once here and I will stop as I expect mega comment numbers from others:-) I will look for contest #1 prize then #knowtheodds!

  2. Also referred by Gary. Looking forward to yet another site to learn more about earning and using points! And I hope I win your contest!

  3. What a great contest! Crossing my fingers that I’ll soon be headed out for a weekend in the mountains with my <3.

  4. Very nice way to start the New year…could use the Hyatt point for me and my girls in Europe this year to stay at the Park Hyatt Paris. 🙂

      1. Thank you! That’s so fast! 🙂 View from the Wing was the one that introduced you to us. I am looking forward to reading your blog!

  5. I am also a new reader referred by Gary! Love the giveaway and looking forward to following the blog (on Facebook so my email inbox is not cluttered.)

  6. I read about your contest on View from the Wing blog, and I will start following your blog. Please enter me into your contest! Thanks!

  7. Like the title of your blog , not sure why united 25k miles is the second prize, better than aa in my opinion

  8. What a refreshing new blog for me! Love the presentation, so I signed up for the blog. Also wanted to say thanks for the contest and what looks like a wonderful new source of info for people that love to travel.

  9. All of a sudden, you are one popular guy/gal today, eh? Just found you and will continue to read you. Welcome 2013!

    1. George, unfortunately no. 🙂

      These would be just regular ‘ol points. But, they’ll get you a pretty nice hotel room somewhere, or a slightly less nice room for multiple nights in a somewhere. 🙂

  10. I am new to the miles and points scene and this is the first time I’ve seen your blog. Great way to start! Happy New Year!

    1. Brian, Pizza is part of my name and I used to be in the pizza business. Everyone calls me Pizzaman, so….
      Not the best name for a blog in the world, but it’s what I got. 🙂

  11. Thanks, I think the United miles are worth more than a free AA domestic ticket. The United miles would me more appealing to me.

  12. Me me me!

    (Letting people post as many times as they want over two weeks seems like asking for trouble, but we will see.)

  13. Looking forward to reading this blog. Thanks, Gary L. for providing info. Bonus is the giveaway’s. These would start my year off great.

  14. Thanks for the promotion. This is the first time I’ve visited your blog. It won’t be my last. You came highly reccommended!

  15. Liked, Followed, and here’s my comment:) Subscribed via google reader which is the only one I pay attention to.

  16. I am in buddy!! I get at least 5 emails from different bloggers and I try to read them all. You are on the list now!! Congrats to u and me!

  17. Thanks for the great coverage. I’m trying to get travel bloggers to include information on wheelchair access to hotels, busses, trains and planes where they can. Let me know if I can help you include this info in your posts. It helps travelers with disabilities immensely. CZ

  18. I’d rather have those UAL miles than chocolate! And that’s saying something!!! Thanks for the chance to win…….

  19. How come none of the blog comments/entries between January 3 and January 12 were ever posted? I figure that they were probably a bit much to handle…but will they still be in the running for the prizes?

      1. Hey, sorry! oversight on my part. the bottom of the feed just kept showing the last submission as the January 2 interaction, and I made the wrong assumption that everything before that must be older..

  20. Thank you for the great contests. More importantly, thank you for your great blog. You provide information that I never see anywhere else!

    1. Brian, it’s been a number of years since I played a WSOP event. But, it was great! I can’t wait to get time to go back out and play in one of the events again. I need to get my game in shape. 🙂

      Regards, Edward Pizzarello

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