A Couple of Quick Notes On Hyatt Development

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Hyatt has a couple new developments on the other side of the world from where I spend my time.

First, Hyatt opened it’s first new construction Hyatt Place in India.  The majority of Hyatt’s development pipeline is in the Middle East and Asia like most of the major chains.  Hyatt already has properties in India (and recently took over a small chain there they are in the process of converting) but this is the first newly built Hyatt Place.  I do like what Hyatt has done developing this brand in the limited service category.

Then, Hyatt announced it had signed a contract for a new Hyatt Place in Morocco.  This is an interesting, somewhat atypical Hyatt Place that will be surrounded by a spa, golf course and surf camp.

Both decent additions to the Hyatt brand.  While I prefer Park Hyatts, new construction is still a good thing.


  1. I’ve been seriously reading up on Hyatt lately and, seriously, expecting to put those two free nights to powerful use in 2013. Passport points always helps!

  2. Need to wait a few more months to get Chase Hyatt card.Too many good Chase promos recently. Blog helps me plan stays at Hyatt. Thanks!

  3. I met Gary Leff on a shuttle flight down from NYC and have been following his blog since. He mentioned a post that you had so I’ve been reading you now. Thanks for further opening my eyes.

  4. Hyatt Diamond is the best reward level of any program I have earned – the more Hyatt’s the better!

  5. The market in the US is saturated so the only place to develop is in other countries. I can’t wait to visit them!

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