Giveaway! Free United Airlines Beverage Vouchers

Okay, not as sexy as the free airline ticket and Hyatt points I gave away last month, but a free drink still beats a sharp stick in the eye.

I have 10 vouchers for a free drink on a United Airlines flight.  If you’re interested, leave a comment in this thread between now and Friday, February 15th.  If there are more than 10 respondents I’ll draw randomly, though if I see a particularly crafty or amusing reply that might just win a free drink all on it’s own.  🙂


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  1. I’m heading to Milan on United in June. Since I’m a nervous flyer, the free drinks could definitely be considered “medicinal”. Thanks for offering these!

  2. Yay! Almost out of vouchers. The old Continental ones which often generate interesting FA reactions when tendered.

  3. Will be flying cross-country to SFO soon and as Silver I know I won’t be upgraded so I might need something to make it easier.

  4. Excellent. I happen to be flying UA on Feb 16 at 6 AM and a bloody or coffee con Bailey’s sounds amazing (though I reckon the chits wouldn’t make it in time). In any event, I fly UA enough that I am sure I would find time to enjoy a beverage or several.

    Thanks a lot!

  5. I fly with 3-month-old twins to Mexico with my wife in February on United.

    Vouchers would be a nice handout to the people around me as compensation for any crying that may occur!

      1. Mexico? That’ll be cake. My best friend is getting married in Japan in April and possibly against my better judgement, I got award seats in economy from TUL – NRT with my wife, and our 3yr old and our new one will be 7 months. 18 hrs each way:(

  6. Flying to Tampa for work on Tuesday night after a full day of work and grad school. Arrive at 12:25am. Have an 8am meeting. Booze will help me snooze on the plane.

  7. I’m headed to Istanbul in coach on United at the beginning of March. Think they’d let me redeem for a bottle of raki to start the trip off right?

  8. It seems to be the norm that there will be a screaming kid in my row. No matter where or when I fly.

    Last flight from FRA, beer was the only answer.

  9. A free drink will help me deal with the limited space when the inconsiderate person in front of me decides to put there seat back to get the additional 2 inches of space!

  10. I’m going to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan in March and April. It won’t be the first time there for me.So…….. It will be an “adventure” and the drink voucher will certainly put me in the right frame of mind to deal with everything!

  11. Visiting Mom for Mothers’ Day will be a treat. Dealing with my brother – that will require a stiff drink!! (Flying UA, crediting A3)

  12. Leaving from JAC to PHL this week, bye Tetons and awesome powder snow….hello cauliflower clouds during take-off…could use a drink after that!

  13. Taking an early RSW-CLE flight next month. A free Bloody Mary would blunt the trauma of leaving sunny Florida for snowy Cleveland……

  14. First, love your blog which you give fresh travel blog view.

    Second, will need one drink coupon for my son graduation trip


  15. Can’t believe that you thought you might get only 10 comments total 🙂
    Would love a drink ticket, which I would give to my hubby who doesn’t like to fly. I drag the poor fellow on the plane and promptly get him drink to relax. Works every time! Thanks.

  16. Cheers to you for helping us raise a toast to travel. Beers to Brussels, wine to Winnepeg, and mojitos to (and from) Miami!

  17. I could really use the drink vouchers as I am flying in May. They could really come in handy for my husband and I. Thank you.

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