500 Free Delta Miles, Happy New Year And a Giveaway Or Two Coming Up!

Courtesy of thepointstraveler on Milepoint this morning, Delta members can earn 500 miles by signing up for a service called Whiteboard and completing a survey.  I’m not familiar with Whiteboard but I know other popular survey companies award far less than 500 miles for short to medium-length surveys, so if it’s not too long this may be an easy 500 miles.

Just a quick note that I’ll be launching two contests starting tomorrow.  They’ll both be easy to enter and should be worth your time.  So, check back tomorrow to see how to enter.

Lastly, I wanted to take a moment to wish everyone a Happy New Year!  We’ll be celebrating it with the kids this year and looking forward to a fun-filled year of travel with the family to new and interesting destinations.

Where are your travels scheduled to take you in 2013?



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