The Ultimate Disney World Christmas Vacation Package

If you’re excited and crazy enough to think about going to Disney World during the Christmas season, there’s a new package that might just pique your interest. It won’t make the crowds disappear, but it might leave a few dollars in your wallet while you enjoy the magical madness of Disney World at Christmastime.

It’s Time To Book Winter Holiday Vacations

While there may be 262 days left to get Christmas shopping done, the time to be thinking about vacations for the holidays is now.  Whether you celebrate Hanukkah, Christmas or another holiday, the end of the year is a very popular vacation time.  And, if you have school-aged children, you’re generally a slave to taking vacations in these short breaks from school. We got lucky last year and snagged rooms at the Hyatt Regency Lake Tahoe for the week after Christmas and even managed a 1-bedroom cottage using a Diamond suite […]

On The 359th Day…

Today’s a day that our family spends time together, opening way too many presents, eating too much candy and enjoying each other’s company.  Other than trying to book some summer travel and get better seats for an upcoming flight, I’ve asked the Editor in Chief if I can have the day off from the world of travel to enjoy it with my family.  I’ll leave you with a couple of pictures.  First, the elves decided to fill up the kid’s rooms with balloons, then Santa granted the kids permission to give the […]

ICE! At The Gaylord National Convention Center. Worth Taking Your Family?

If you live in the DC area, you might have heard of the ICE! show at the National Convention Center.  They’ve been doing it for at least a few years now, and I understand they do one at the Gaylord Opryland (that one probably takes a bit more effort to keep cold!). A team of artisan ice carvers get together and carve an entire village in ice for you to walk through.  We had heard about it the last couple years but never went to partake.  This year we asked […]

Here’s How To Travel Shop On Black Friday

I remember deciding to go shopping early on Black Friday one year.  I can’t even blame my wife because it was at least as much my decision as it was hers.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that the discounts probably weren’t worth the mass pandemonium and long lines everywhere I went.  And, this was a few years ago, where admittedly maybe the deals weren’t as good as they are today but the crowds were certainly smaller than today’s craziness. So, why not just stay home and […]

US Airways Brings Back “Layaway Pricing” For Dividend Miles

  As a middle-class Italian family growing up in New York our family lead a simple, enjoyable life.  We didn’t go on extravagant vacations or buy luxurious things, but we enjoyed what we had.  My grandmother used to prepare for Christmas every year in the summer time.  She would go to the local department store (Caldor’s back in the days before Target and Walmart) and pick out Christmas gifts for all the kids and put them on layaway.  To be honest, I’m not sure layaway even exists at today’s department […]

Hyatt’s New Fall Promo: New Possibilities

I’m running a couple days behind reviewing Hyatt’s fall 2013 promo.  On whole, hotel promotions have been less rewarding then in year’s past as occupancy and rates have risen.  On it’s face, I’m reasonably pleased with the Hyatt promo based on those circumstances.  It’s a promotion based on the number of nights stayed during the period as opposed to stays, which makes it a bit harder to max out cheaply.  The key details: At 5 nights, this promo isn’t a ton of bonus but each of the subsequent tiers becomes […]

Highest Mileage Earning Rate For Snapfish I’ve Seen

Sites like Snapfish are an integral part of being a parent.  I can’t say I patronize Snapfish myself.  I’m sure I’ve logged in at some point, but Snapfish is really my wife’s domain.  And, right now they’re offering 14 miles per dollar for every dollar you spend with them through the American Airlines AADvantage shopping mall. It’s only through January 19th, but if you have any pending purchases for Snapfish, Shutterfly, etc, this is the best offer I’m aware of. My wife puts together a calendar with pictures of the […]

Airline Shopping Portals Rolling Out Holiday Bonuses

Shopping portals are a great way to increase your mileage earning.  Not only do the portals provide you with extra miles for purchases you were already going to make, but they also offer periodic bonuses that make certain vendors an even better offer. Finally, there’s also the traditional holiday shopping bonuses that the portals offer.  They’ve been more lucrative in previous years, but this year’s offers are still worth considering. American Airlines’ AAdvantageeshopping portal is offering 500 bonus miles for every $250 spent on their site, to a maximum of […]