Airline Shopping Portals Rolling Out Holiday Bonuses

Shopping portals are a great way to increase your mileage earning.  Not only do the portals provide you with extra miles for purchases you were already going to make, but they also offer periodic bonuses that make certain vendors an even better offer.

Finally, there’s also the traditional holiday shopping bonuses that the portals offer.  They’ve been more lucrative in previous years, but this year’s offers are still worth considering.

American Airlines’ AAdvantageeshopping portal is offering 500 bonus miles for every $250 spent on their site, to a maximum of 2,000 miles.  It’s important to note this is only for purchases through December 17th.

United Airlines MileagePlus shopping portal is offering the same 500 miles per $250 spent, but with 2 extras.  They cap the earning at 2,500 miles and their promo runs until December 31st.

So, if you don’t have a preferred airline program, which one should you pick?  Easy answer, both.  🙂

If you think you’ll spend more then $1250 online during this time period, I’d start with American.  Why?  Well, it ends sooner, so why not max it out first?  Second, you might be lucky enough to get some gift cards as Christmas gifts this year.  If you redeem those on the MileagePlus portal in the week after Christmas (and you haven’t already maxed out the United offer) then you can earn extra miles when redeeming your gift cards.


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