Here’s How To Travel Shop On Black Friday

I remember deciding to go shopping early on Black Friday one year.  I can’t even blame my wife because it was at least as much my decision as it was hers.  It didn’t take long for me to figure out that the discounts probably weren’t worth the mass pandemonium and long lines everywhere I went.  And, this was a few years ago, where admittedly maybe the deals weren’t as good as they are today but the crowds were certainly smaller than today’s craziness.

So, why not just stay home and shop on Amazon?  And, while you’re at it, do your Black Friday travel shopping.  Here’s a couple deals to consider:

Deals We Like has information on a sale where the second night of any reservation is $1 for December travel.

View From The Wing has the scoop on cheap flights to Europe, as long as you’re buying two tickets.  While you’re at it, enter his $1,000 Marriott giveaway.

Mommy Points has a host of deals listed on her site.  One of my favorites is the $99 per person Atlantis deal.

Don’t forget about the AAdvantage Shopping portal bonus of up to 2,500 miles for $250 in spend.

And, if you’re shopping for mileage deals, the AAdvantage shopping portal has 16 miles per dollar (instead of the normal 4) for custom holiday cards from and 60 miles per dollar for (up from the normal 20 miles/$).

Help yourself to some travel on Black Friday, along with an extra helping of leftover Turkey and skip the mayhem at Target.

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