HUGE Free Points Offer From JetBlue

Wow!  I woke up this morning (in a time zone far, far away) to see JetBlue trying to steal Alaska Airlines’ lunch by launching a very interesting promo targeted firmly at Virgin America customers.

Anyone who’s carrying a balance of Virgin America Elevate points is eligible for up to 75,000 free JetBlue TrueBlue points.  And, you can’t really just call it a straight “points match”, since they’ll actually be handing out more points in a number of situations.

Free Points Offer From JetBlue

All you have to do is show JetBlue a copy of your Virgin America Elevate balance by July 4th to “declare your independence” (cute line) and fly once on JetBlue roundtrip between now and August 31, 2016.

A simple screenshot in an e-mail gets you started, and all the details are on the JetBlue website.

Here are the details of how many points you can earn:

Free Points Offer From JetBlue

JetBlue’s loyalty program, TrueBlue, is a revenue-based program, so this is literally JetBlue giving you money to try them out.  They offer an excellent premium product (Mint) on a number of routes including to between New York and California as well as some of their Caribbean routes.  I used to fly JetBlue quite a bit when they had more flights out of my home airport, Washington Dulles.

While they’ve drawn down a bit at IAD, travelers based in New York and South Florida will find JetBlue a cool, friendly alternative to the Big 3 (4).  And, JetBlue is now trying to make a case that they can take care of you better than Virgin America.

JetBlue continues to be active this year with improvements.  It was just a few months ago that they launched their new credit card program with Barclaycard.  The new cards were big improvements over the benefits offered when JetBlue was partnered with AMEX.

While they may have “lost” the battle for Virgin America to Alaska, that may ultimately be seen as a win if it turns out Alaska way overpaid for Virgin America and/or can’t convert those customers to the Alaska brand, which is very different from Virgin America (and JetBlue).

JetBlue is telling current Virgin America customers they have a choice where to direct their loyalty to in the future.  With up to 75,000 free points, they’re saying it in what looks to be a very convincing way.

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  1. Do you know what’s the general landscape in using VA points for Virgin Australia? I realize it’s a broad question but I only ask because after I transfer the necessary SPG points to VA for the JetBlue promo I will then start looking at planning Sydney 2017, hopefully before they convert to Alaska miles. Would that be possible at this point or does Virgin only release decent space close to departure?

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