Now Boarding: Jennifer Yellin, Deals We Like

Work and life have me running behind as usual.  While we published podcast episodes the last few weeks, I neglected to post about them here.

So, you might have missed Jennifer Yellin as my guest on the NowBoarding Podcast.  Each week, the NowBoarding Podcast sits down with a Boarding Area blogger for 30 minutes to dig deeper into their world.  We talk about their travel preferences, favorite (and sometimes least favorite) travel companies and mix in a bit of humor about the crazy world of miles and points that we call home.

If you listen to my other travel podcast, Miles To Gothen you’re already really familiar with Jen.  She does a deal segment on most of my episodes there.  She’s shared some pretty good ones over the past 6 months!

Co-author of the Deals We Like blog, Jen currently lives in the Boston area.  She’s a huge Southwest Airlines fan and she knows the program inside and out.  She should, she’s been a Companion Pass holder for as long as I’ve been blogging, over 10 years!

In Episode lucky number 13 we certainly don’t get unlucky with the stories Jen shares with us.  How she got her love of travel?  Well, it involves her mother understanding how to get bumped from a flight over 30 years ago.  Repeatedly.  You need to hear her tell it!

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