Cheap Flights To New Zealand And Australia, Taxi Cab Drivers Attack Uber Car

Cheap Flights of the Day: CHEAP flights to New Zealand, under $700.  Boy, is that a long way in coach. Sydney is only $800.

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I gotta say.  It’s interesting that United is willing to tell a non-elite how many people are waiting for a free seat in first class.  I’m actually not surprised they’re selling F so cheaply on these shorter flights, though I still see plenty of whacky prices where a 1-hour flight like this might price out as a $300 or $400 upgrade.

You can earn 1,000 bonus Elevate points for each Virgin America booking you do using Visa Checkout.  This seems like a slam dunk easy (though not huge) bonus.

Jeebus.  Taxi cab drivers attacking an Uber car.

American Airlines continues to pile on with status challenges and matches for other airlines’ elite members.  I felt like I was reliving the first two years of the United/Continental merger the other day while I was boarding an American flight where the size of Group 1 boarding seemed to be over half the plane.  Not good.

United found a way to squeeze more seats into business class than everyone else, and has a 5-year exclusivity with their vendor on the design.  While I would bet there are ways around the exclusivity if another airline wanted to copy the layout, I’m not sure anyone will want to.

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