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Athens & Paris For Dollars A Day. British Airways First and Business Class Lounges at Philadelphia Airport

The British Airways Galleries Club lounge is small but ample. You’ll find a first class and business class section to the lounge, and a quick peek here at both.

Cheap Flights Flights To Paris And Triple Points From Hertz. Best of the Rest For September 4, 2015

Cheap flights to Paris, a really popular jacket and triple Hertz Gold Plus Rewards points. Oh, and why did the chicken cross the road?

Should You Push Your American Airlines AAdvantage Card Through A Shredder?

That’s essentially the advice being offered by Jerry Lanson in this HuffPo piece. Jerry tells the story of spending the last 25 years spending on a Citibank credit card to earn a bunch of miles and lifetime Gold status on American Airlines. Before we even get into his beef, I need to point out that this was a flawed strategy. How do I know?  Because I did it too until someone pointed out the error of my ways. Up until a few years ago, American Airlines was really the only […]

US Airways Domestic Upgrades Clearing Early? Way Early!

Many things with the American Airlines/US Airways merger have gone better than planned/feared.  Given the debacle that was the United/Continental merger (and residual effects today), it was fair to think that this one could be equally as bad.  But, things have gone really well. About the only “complaint” was the complimentary domestic upgrade procedures on both codeshare flights and for elites of one airline flying on the other airline.  Domestic upgrades were almost a sure thing for me over the last 7+ years as an Executive Platinum member.  Even though […]

Expiring Amazon Promos And Are United Employees Deliberately Slowing Operations? The Best of the Rest For Tuesday, June 30th, 2015

Don’t forget I’m giving away two months of your own free travel assistant to everyone and 1 year of a free travel assistant to two lucky winners. The Best of the Rest is my effort to summarize all the travel/miles & points stories that interested me on a daily basis but didn’t have time to write about in length.  On a daily basis, I try to keep track of roughly 100 different blogs (try being the operative word) that have interesting things for you and I to learn from.  Some are […]