Looks Like The Last Of The Vintage American Airlines Amenity Kits Are Out!

Okay, this is definitely geeky.  I was pretty excited when American Airlines announced plans for retro amenity kits in business class.  They announced they would be themed for some of the more memorable airlines that became a part of what American is today.

Amenity Kits


I’ve already got a pretty good collection going due to some international travel and an assist from fellow blogger Single Flyer.

Amenity Kits


I’m pretty sure I have all the kits that have been released to the general public, that is:

  • America West
  • Allegheny
  • Piedmont
  • TWA
  • Reno Air
  • Air Cal

As an aside, the TWA kit is my favorite, not just for their history but for the fact that a whole bunch of my dad’s 2 million lifetime miles on AA were from his time flying TWA.  That’s a whole lot of STL flying!  And, despite the fact that TWA was laid to rest 15 years ago, they still live on in some not-so-good ways.

The kits are all themed both in the kit itself and the contents.  The colored socks are really something else, but my daughter loved wearing them on the plane.  More on that when I start blogging our Greece trip.

There was speculation that the remaining three (AA, US Air and PSA) were released, but nobody had really reported an actual sighting.  So, when my friend Clint sent me this pic, I was, well, irrationally giddy:

Amenity KitsHe’s holding on to the AA kit he just got, which means it’s out!  Still waiting for sightings of US Air and PSA, but the hunt is on!

Fabulous cash and prizes to anyone who helps me complete my collection.


  1. Awesome! My last longhaul of the year is coming up in a few weeks. You know I’m going to be raiding all the seats to get my last 3 🙂

  2. I ended up with another Allegheny on my last flight. I checked around and other seats had duplicates of ones I already had. First flight where I couldn’t swap out for a new one. Was bummed. Ha! If anyone wants allegheny I will trade but already have America West and AirCal.

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