Alphabet Airline Soup

So, my wife and I were sitting down the other night talking about my son starting preschool this year.  He has one show and tell day each week at school and they’re going to correspond to a letter of the alphabet, in order, throughout the school year.  Of course, the first thing I thought was he could bring in an airplane with the American Airlines logo.  My wife asked me, “Is there an airline for every letter of the alphabet?”

I said, “Of course.” But, I wasn’t 100% sure.  I had a high degree of confidence I could name an airline for every letter of the alphabet, and started writing them down.  Here’s the results of that exercise, with footnotes for things I couldn’t come up with on my own, etc.

American Airlines


British Airways


Czech Airlines (don’t ask me why Copa didn’t come to mind first)

Delta Airlines


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Eastern?  Not sure if this counts since they’re technically not relaunched.  So, we can fill in Emirates and Etihad.



Gol (Garuda and Gulf Air came to mind shortly thereafter)


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Hainan Air (Hawaiian as well)




Jet Airways

Kuwait Airways (not sure Kingfisher still counts)



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Malaysia Airlines (admittedly, I came up with Air Malta.  Wasn’t sure if they counted and I couldn’t think of any other M airlines, so actually had to Google to come up with Malaysia).

Norwegian Air

Oman Air/Olympic Air (both came to mind at the same time)

Porter Airlines

Qatar Airways



Southwest Airlines


TAM (though I guess I can’t use that since it’s LATAM now.  So, if that doesn’t count, I’ll use TACA)


United Airlines (pains me that’s the first U airline I thought of)




Xiamen Airlines (I had to look this one up)

Yemenia Airways (this one too)

Zambia Skyways (yup)

So, there you have it.  I had to consult the Google a few times but I got through most of it on my own.  Undoubtedly, many of my normal readers (and anyone who likely shows up here for travel health tips) bailed out long before now.  But, hey, I had fun with it!

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