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Those Old US Airways Planes Kinda, Sorta Have Power Ports After All. Not Really

Many moons ago Doug Parker, Scott Kirby and the gang at US Airways went through a cleansing process where they threw off pretty much everything they could on their planes to save on weight (ultimately leading to fuel savings). They also chose not to install power ports on those older planes to save on weight.

It’s hard to say they made the right decision, because customers crave power when they fly so they can power laptops, smartphones, iPads and more.

It Appears American Airlines Has Determined Their Changes To The AAdvantage Program In 2016

It’s been a crazy 36 hours or so of rumors about what American Airlines has planned for 2016. And, while some changes seem “real”, I have doubts about some others. There’s plenty here to believe, question and challenge. What’s your opinion?

2 Big Changes You Can Expect From American Airlines in 2016

American Airline has said quite a few times in the past couple of years that they were heads down and focused on the reservation system integration before considering other changes. On the first earnings call after the res system integration, they’ve given us some big hints about what’s next.

5 Quick Tips If You’re Flying American Airlines This Weekend During The Transition

It’s been almost 2 years in the making, but American Airlines is finally going to integrate US Airways into American’s system, leaving just one. In the past, this step of 2 airlines merging has been painful. While this one is more likely to go smoothly, here are some tips just in case things go awry.