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CONFIRMED: US Will Require Negative COVID-19 Test For Entry From International Flights

There’s a report on most of the major news sites right now indicating that The NY Times is reporting the US will require a negative COVID-19 test for all passengers entering the United States via plane from abroad.  This would be a remarkable step.  But it also may be a logical evolution of COVID-19 policy as it relates to travel. While we don’t have exact details, reports seem to indicate that this could go into place January 26, 2021.  Honestly, if this is needed to stop the spread of the more […]

Just Another Reminder That Collecting Miles And Points Can Lead to More Happiness!

I consider myself very lucky.  I have a wife and two lovely children (who actually behave sometimes).  And, I’ve been lucky to travel the world in luxurious fashion for not much money. There were a number of reasons I started writing this blog again a few years ago.  Those that know me well are aware that I always have something to say, and this is a great avenue for that.  More and more, though, folks would ask me how we were able to afford all the travel, especially as we […]

American Airlines Destroys Their New Choice Plus and Choice Essential Fares

News from Milepoint this morning about disturbing changes from American Airlines.  They have gutted their year-old choice fare bundles in a fairly substantial way.  There’s been no official announcement, just a quiet change to the terms & conditions.  Here’s what we’re seeing so far: Choice Essential: American appears to have removed the change fee waiver from this offering, according to their website.  Now, $58 buys you a free checked bag, group 1 boarding and the ability to earn AAdvantage miles.  That last statement scares me a bit as it positions […]

2013 Flight Review & A Look Forward To 2014

zWith another travel year in the books, I took a few moments to see where I’ve been and consider where I’m going.  I started out the year thinking I would travel more on American and less on United.  While that happened, a number of things came together to lock up both Executive Platinum (American Airlines’ top-tier status) and 1K (United Airlines). Here’s some tidbits from the travel year, courtesy of my Flight Memory page:     This was my highest volume flight year to-date, though only by a few thousand […]

Virgin America Puts Thanksgiving On Sale, Others Matching

I guess Virgin America is having trouble filling seats around Thanksgiving.  They’ve got a reasonable fare sale in the market today covering November 23rd-30th.    $179 one-way from IAD to LAX, $149 one-way from Chicago to the West coast.  Maybe not rock bottom prices, but surely lower than I’ve seen around a holiday in the past.  Most folks already have Thanksgiving plans, I’m sure.  But, if you’re hunting for one more mileage run before the end of the year, I can see American offering similar fares in some markets like […]

Delta, American, United and JetBlue All Certified By FAA For Electronic Devices For Entire Flight

With announcements from United Airlines yesterday and American Airlines the day before, we now have a large amount of planes certified by the FAA to allow certain personal electronic devices in all facets of flight, including taxi, take-off and landing. I was discussing the FAA announcement with a friend just a few days ago while we were both sitting on a United Airlines flight.  I said I wasn’t surprised Delta was the first to certify their mainline fleet.  Delta may have a pitiful loyalty program but they do run a […]