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Delta, American, United and JetBlue All Certified By FAA For Electronic Devices For Entire Flight

With announcements from United Airlines yesterday and American Airlines the day before, we now have a large amount of planes certified by the FAA to allow certain personal electronic devices in all facets of flight, including taxi, take-off and landing. I was discussing the FAA announcement with a friend just a few days ago while we were both sitting on a United Airlines flight.  I said I wasn’t surprised Delta was the first to certify their mainline fleet.  Delta may have a pitiful loyalty program but they do run a […]

A Picture Is Worth…A Free Airline Ticket

Pictures are such an easy thing to take nowadays.  Virtually everyone has a smartphone, and most smartphones take pictures as good (or sometimes better) than digital cameras.  For our family, that means lots more memories captured when we travel.  I was trying to think of a good contest to have this fall and  also happened to be reviewing some of our summer vacation pics.  And, that’s where I came up with the idea for the contest. First, I’m giving away one free coach ticket in for travel on American Airlines […]

81 Hours In Europe: My First Spin Through T5 At London Heathrow

Previous posts: 81 Hours In Europe: A Ride On The New 777-300ER From JFK To LHR 81 Hours In Europe: A Running Start At Oslo And Copenhagen Day 2 started with me getting off the plane in Terminal 3 at London’s Heathrow airport.  The last time I was here was the oneworld MegaDO last year.  During that visit we headed out to arrivals since London was our final destination.  Still a bit groggy from the flight I headed straight there again, where the room was packed beyond belief.  Even the […]

81 Hours In Europe: A Running Start At Oslo And Copenhagen

The next MegaDO is upon us, and in case you haven’t been following along, this one is the NordicDO.  You can see the full itinerary at the MegaDO website and follow along this thread on Milepoint. My trip will cover flights from IAD to JFK, then LHR-OSL-ARN-CPH-LHR-JFK-DCA. For those not versed in the foreign language of airport cities, that’s Dulles, New York (JFK), London Heathrow, Oslo, Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, JFK and finally Washington DC, Reagan.  In 81 hours.  Fairly normal right?  I’ll be documenting as much as I can live, […]

Dissecting The AA/US Response TO DOJ On Trial Scheduling

It’s been an interesting few weeks to follow the DOJ intervention into the merger between American Airlines and US Airways. I’ll admit to being surprised when maybe I shouldn’t have with DOJ weighing in. But, I don’t think I’m in the wrong when I say that DOJ has been a bit sloppy here and there with their prose so far.  I don’t necessarily think their position that a merger is anti-competitive is “wrong”, but I do think they could have positioned their arguments better so far.  And, as a consumer, I […]

American Airlines Bankruptcy Judge Neglects To Rule On AMR Exit Plan

In the latest mini-development in the American Airlines/US Airways merger snafu (brought to us by our friends at the DOJ), the bankruptcy judge neglected to rule on the motion for AMR to leave bankruptcy. I can’t say I’m an expert on bankruptcy law, but there are a bunch of interesting propositions here.  First, from something I read earlier, American is supposed to be past the statutory limit a company can stay in bankruptcy protection. The judge also has the right (I believe) to allow the creditors to submit reorganization plans […]

American Airlines Adds Service Between Miami and Milan

Tickets go on sale tomorrow for American Airlines’ new service between Miami and Milan.  This one strikes me as a bit odd. It’s being serviced by a 767-300, and the flight times are reasonable.  The Miami departure is at 5:55pm and arrives in Milan at 9:35 in the morning the following day.  Milan to Miami is an 11:25am departure and a 4:40pm arrival.  Not a ton of time for the plane to be on the ground in Miami, but probably not an issue. The press releases about this new route […]

American Airlines Expanding: LAX, Europe And Latin America

American is adding a bunch of new service around the world.  It seems like there’s a new announcement every week, so I figured I would take the time to highlight a few. Los Angeles area American Airlines customers are seeing a bunch of new routes this spring and fall.  April saw the following destinations added to the schedule: Bentonville, Arkansas Columbus, OH Eugene, Oregon Hartford, Connecticut Indianapolis Pittsburgh Raleigh, NC Redmond, Oregon Bentonville makes sense to me.  That’s Walmart’s HQ, so assumedly this allows easier Asia travel for their folks […]

LATAM Airlines Group States The Obvious: They’re Joining oneworld

LAN and TAM are two of the dominant airlines for travel to and within South America.  After their decision to merge, it was strongly believed that the combined airline would join the oneworld alliance along with American Airlines, British Airways and others. It’s official now and View From the Wing has some thoughts about how that affects the travel landscape. I’ve mentioned in the past that American is very strong to South America from the US.  They recently announced their desire to expand Sao Paolo service from pretty much all […]

American Airlines Makes a Good Faith Effort With The Pilots

I guess it may be a good thing I’m not in charge of American Airlines.  If I ran the airline and a judge had already told me that I could void the pilots contracts, I don’t think I’d be back at the bargaining table with the pilots. And yet, AA is telling the pilots it is going to continue to contribute to the pilot’s retirement accounts.  Now, it’s not in the pension accounts the pilots want, it’s a 401K.  But, 11% of your base pay as a contribution to a […]