Pizza Week In Review

This week saw me squeeze a whirlwind of meetings into stops in Houston and San Antonio, along with a weather delay that trapped me in DFW an extra night.  Along the way, my blog alter ego covered a wide range of topics.  In case you missed it, here were some of those posts: Miles & Points American Airlines and Citibank are targeting bonuses to cardholders again this quarter.  I was pretty impressed with my bonus offer, and I’m not the only one.  I think I like it better than last […]

Free Miles From United And A Video You Need To Watch, Plus Other Travel News On Sunday, March 15th, 2015

Get 500 United MileagePlus miles free, and another 1,000 for a $25 purchase.  Thanks to the Heels First Travel girls! On a sadder note, I hadn’t heard about the American Airlines employee who lost their life in a workplace accident recently.  I wish I had been there to see the tribute.  The video is truly touching.  It’s easy to forget that many airline employees do a tough job that can lead to them being in harm’s way, even for the simplest of tasks. The sendoff his fellow employees gave him […]

Like MileagePlus Cards On Facebook And Get….

I have no idea.  I saw the following button when I logged into my United Airlines MileagePlus account this morning. Might be new, or I might have missed it during previous trips to the website.  It doesn’t stand out too much on the page. So, I bit.  I clicked over to their Facebook page and liked it.  Nothing happened.  In fairness, it’s only been about an hour.  I don’t see any notes on their page about what you get in return, nor have I received any FB message or e-mail. […]

Last Day For Discounted United International Awards And Hyatt Diamond Upgrades

United Airlines has had a combination of a software glitch and fare sale on international partner awards going on for a while now, and after acknowledging in publicly, they’ve said that it will end tonight.  I was pretty disappointed when these award price increases were announced.  It was painful to consider that it would cost 140,000 miles to fly Lufthansa business class roundtrip to Europe, which is a much better product than United. I’m a value junkie, and when the “price” of these awards went from 100,000 roundtrip to 140K, […]

A Summary Of United Airlines Global Services Benefits

As travel has gotten more stressful the benefits of elite status are even more valuable.  In some cases, what used to be free for everyone is now only free for those customers that fly most frequently.  I value my American Airlines Executive Platinum status more highly than any status I’ve earned, including 1K service with United Airlines.  However, Global Services is another matter.  For those not aware, Global Services is an invitation-only status level that United bestows on their best customers. What defines a best customer?  Well, United doesn’t list […]

United Airlines Raises Revenue Requirements Again

The legacy carriers in the US have long practiced a “me too” strategy, piling on what they perceive is a good idea from one of their competitors.  That’s why it was little shock to me any many others when United copied Delta’s recent increase in the revenue requirements for elite status.  Before I share my opinion, here’s the new chart: It’s a flat 20% increase on the amount of money needing to be spent to achieve elite status, or an average of 12 cents per mile flown. I’ll need just […]

Easy, Free Starpoints, Elusive Labor Peace at the New American and a United Bonus Mile Promo. Tidbits on Tuesday

Lots of stuff to catch up on in the world of travel! One Mile at a Time earned me 500 free Starpoints last night.  Everyone appears eligible. United Airlines is running their own short mileage promo for their shopping portal.  This is very similar to the AAdvantage promo I noted a few days ago (the portals are run by the same company).  Again, I received two separate offers for accounts I control, one more generous than the AAdvantage promo: 500 miles for $75 in purchases 475 miles for every $175 […]

United Airlines Elite Members Now Get Upgraded Hertz Status

Good news and interesting partnership enhancements between United Airlines and Hertz. Starting November 1st, United MileagePlus members will earn additional miles and be eligible for higher status levels with Hertz. First, the increased mileage opportunities: MileagePlus members who book with Hertz may earn the following per rental: 1,250 miles – MileagePlus Global Services, Premier 1K and Premier Platinum members; 1,000 miles – MileagePlus Premier Gold and Premier Silver members; 750 miles – Primary cardmembers of MileagePlus credit cards from Chase; or 500 miles – MileagePlus general members. On its own, […]

United Offering Bonus Miles And Sweepstakes On Their Shopping Portal

I received two separate offers for bonus miles from the United Airlines MileagePlus shopping portal, both targeted to a specific MileagePlus account (I have a few different e-mail addresses for various family member accounts I keep an eye on). The bonus miles on the United Airlines shopping portal appear to be targeted, and the only information I could find was in the actual e-mails sent to me.  The terms of the e-mail state the following: From 10/9/14 to 10/18/14 11:59 PM EST receive a one-time bonus of 1,000 United MileagePlus […]

Guest Post: Turkish Air To Istanbul And The Park Hyatt Macka Palas

My best friend David recently took a new position that requires him to travel extensively around the world.  He’ll likely rack up 200,000 butt-in-seat miles this year as a result of all his travel, which has taken him to some places I don’t expect to see anytime soon.  Recently, he took a trip to Istanbul.  Since I don’t normally see a lot of blogger reviews for Turkish Airlines or the Park Hyatt Macka Palas, I asked him to take some pictures and jot down a brief summary of his trip for […]