Like MileagePlus Cards On Facebook And Get….

I have no idea.  I saw the following button when I logged into my United Airlines MileagePlus account this morning.

United MileagePlus

Might be new, or I might have missed it during previous trips to the website.  It doesn’t stand out too much on the page.

So, I bit.  I clicked over to their Facebook page and liked it.  Nothing happened.  In fairness, it’s only been about an hour.  I don’t see any notes on their page about what you get in return, nor have I received any FB message or e-mail.  There’s some marketing copy at the top of their page about some sweepstakes if you fill out a quiz.  I doubt that’s the “prize”, but if it is, meh.

This certainly falls under the category of reasons I don’t like Facebook.  Or, maybe I just don’t like poorly run marketing campaigns.  When using a call to action and linking it to something in return, it’s a tad more rewarding if you actually spell out what that thing is.

Stay tuned for more developments….

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  1. They had this same thing a while back….and they didn’t ever give miles or anything. I think they’re just assuming you’d “like” to be kept up to date on news about the cards themselves and other things.

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