Easy, Free Starpoints, Elusive Labor Peace at the New American and a United Bonus Mile Promo. Tidbits on Tuesday

Lots of stuff to catch up on in the world of travel!

One Mile at a Time earned me 500 free Starpoints last night.  Everyone appears eligible.

United Airlines is running their own short mileage promo for their shopping portal.  This is very similar to the AAdvantage promo I noted a few days ago (the portals are run by the same company).  Again, I received two separate offers for accounts I control, one more generous than the AAdvantage promo:

  • 500 miles for $75 in purchases
  • 475 miles for every $175 in purchases, to a max of 1,350 miles

Both of my offers expire November 15th, 2014, so check your accounts now.

The flight attendants at American Airlines narrowly rejected a new contract, delaying the promised labor peace at the combined airline.  Terry Maxon has 10 reasons why this may have happened.  I’m partial to #4 and the first part of #10, “A certain percentage of the union membership will always vote “no” on a new contract….”

American Airlines will let you buy status (kinda sorta) if you come up short at the end of the year again.  I’ve never thought these were an especially good value compared to a mileage run, but may be when you consider the value of your time.

Unsurprisingly, the housekeeper may be rummaging through your stuff when you’re not in your room.  Beware!

Starwood announces another valuable partnership for their members with Emirates Airways.  More benefits for no extra cost.

Points, Miles & Martinis takes a spin around Alcatraz, a place I very much want to visit.

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