Targeted Short-Time Offers From AAdvantage Shopping Portal

The American Airlines AAdvantage shopping portal has targeted offers which seem to be geared correctly towards previous spending patterns.  Check your e-mail.  This is the offer I got, and I’m a frequent shopper on the portal:

Short Offers

525 miles for $275 in spend is a reasonable reward but probably not high enough to encourage me to get a bunch of spending in this week.  The terms of this offer indicates it runs through November 10th.  That’s probably enough for me to hit the offer once, but likely won’t be able to max it out in that time.  For 2 other accounts that I control for family members who don’t spend on the portal, they received this e-mail offer:

Short Offers


500 miles for $75 in spending is a solid offer, one I would absolutely consider finding something I knew I needed in the near future (buying dog food or shampoo ahead of time, for example).  This offer is also available through November 10th as well but can only be achieved once.

If American Airlines isn’t your flavor of miles, Mommy Points also reported on a Southwest Airlines shopping portal offer yesterday.

A small bit of proof that the airlines and their partners are getting better at targeting their offers to folks based on their past spending patterns. It’s disappointing I didn’t qualify for a better offer but I’ll likely max out one or both of the lower offers my family members got.

What offer did you get from AAdvantage today?

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