United Airlines Elite Members Now Get Upgraded Hertz Status

Good news and interesting partnership enhancements between United Airlines and Hertz.

Starting November 1st, United MileagePlus members will earn additional miles and be eligible for higher status levels with Hertz.

First, the increased mileage opportunities:

MileagePlus members who book with Hertz may earn the following per rental:

1,250 miles – MileagePlus Global Services, Premier 1K and Premier Platinum members;
1,000 miles – MileagePlus Premier Gold and Premier Silver members;
750 miles – Primary cardmembers of MileagePlus credit cards from Chase; or
500 miles – MileagePlus general members.

On its own, these mileage earning rates aren’t necessarily wonderful, especially given the current double Hertz Gold Rewards points offer and the relative value for free car rentals.  It’s likely a better deal for Platinum members and above to credit very short rentals to United.  And, Hertz and United do run promotions from time to time which may make this more lucrative.

The higher status levels are divided into two categories:

United MileagePlus members who hold Premier Platinum status or higher (includes 1K and Global Services) will be awarded President’s Circle status in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards with the following benefits:

  • Confirmed vehicle availability of Standard Equipment Economy through Full-Size 4 door vehicles in the U.S. and Canada with a minimum 48 hour advance reservation.
  • Confirmed vehicle one-car-class upgrade available at all participating locations in the U.S., Canada and select European locations. Maximum upgrade is to a Full-Size class vehicle with a minimum reserved Compact vehicle.
  • 25% bonus on Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Points.
  • 675 Rewards Points after every 15 qualifying rentals.
  • Includes all the benefits of Gold service.

United MileagePlus members who hold Premier Silver and Gold status will be awarded Five Star status in Hertz Gold Plus Rewards with the following benefits:

  • One-car-class upgrades (subject to availability)
  • 10% bonus on Hertz Gold Plus Rewards® Points
  • 675 Rewards Points after every 15 qualifying rentals
  • Plus, all Gold member benefits

I don’t value the upgrades very highly, especially since they generally max out at a full size car.  But, the bonus points are nice if you credit your rentals to Hertz Gold Plus Rewards.  And, some status is better than no status.  So, a nice plus.

HT: Wandering Aramean on Milepoint.


  1. Seems like a one-way street to me. I’m not a UA elite but I am a top-tier Hertz customer. I don’t see any new benefits for President Circle status members on UA.

    1. Joey, absolutely a one-way street. Nothing announced that helps a non-elite UA member without a branded credit card. Just more folks fighting for upgrades with you. 🙁

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