Mileage Plus

500 Free MileagePlus Miles From United Airlines

As noted by Mommy Points, United is offering 500 free MileagePlus miles just to sign up for their dining program. Like Summer, I really can’t remember the last time one of the airlines offered a sign-up bonus without tying it to completing your first dine as part of the program.  That really means these are just free miles. That being said, I think the dining programs are a good (not great) part of any mileage earning strategy.  The bonuses used to be much more lucrative, but enrolling is free and listing […]

500 Miles If You Register Your Mileage Plus VISA for Text Messages

This appears to be for any Mileage Plus VISA, and there are a bunch of different ones out there. Essentially, register to receive text messages and receive 500 miles.  I don’t believe this is targeted.  You’ll also receive text messages with bonus offers.  No idea if these will be valuable.  The ones that UA sends out with their TopGuest check-ins are pretty blah. The terms say 6-8 weeks for the points to post, but it’s unclear if you need to stay registered that long.  I just signed up, so I […]