500 Free MileagePlus Miles From United Airlines

As noted by Mommy Points, United is offering 500 free MileagePlus miles just to sign up for their dining program.

500 Free

Like Summer, I really can’t remember the last time one of the airlines offered a sign-up bonus without tying it to completing your first dine as part of the program.  That really means these are just free miles.

That being said, I think the dining programs are a good (not great) part of any mileage earning strategy.  The bonuses used to be much more lucrative, but enrolling is free and listing your credit cards is free as well.  You get miles without having to do anything while you dine, it happens behind the scene.

One of my favorite parts of the dining program is what I call the “surprise dine”, where a few days after you visit a restaurant you get an e-mail notification that you earned some miles.  You didn’t change your behavior but earned some miles anyway!

The promo also awards 500 miles for each of your first 5 dines, so if there are restaurants that fit your taste in the program it can be pretty rewarding.

You have until July 10, 2014 to complete, so don’t forget!


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