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As part of the transition to Boarding Area, I’m re-working the ways you can find me a bit.  If you’re currently subscribed to receive immediate updates when I post, we’re working through some kinks.  At this point, you’ve probably either received notification from FeedBlitz about my new newsletter or received the actual newsletter itself.   It should arrive in your inbox every day between around 10am EST.

If you still want to keep receiving e-mails as soon as I post, scroll to the bottom for instructions.

If you’re looking for other ways to keep in touch, there are a bunch of ways to keep track of me and find out about the latest deals, tips and tricks in travel.  Here are some instructions:


You can find me on Twitter here.


If RSS is your thing, you can find my feed here.


I now have a daily newsletter.  I’ll be using a service called FeedBlitz to manage this process.  If you look on the right side of my blog you’ll see a place to subscribe labeled “Feed Me Pizza”. 😀

and News

Once you enter your e-mail address, you’ll be taken to another screen to confirm your information.

and News


You’re still not quite done.  FeedBlitz wants to really make sure you’re confirming you want my newsletter.  You should get an e-mail shortly and you’ll need to click a link in that e-mail to confirm your subscription.  After that, you’re all done.

and News


If you still want to receive an e-mail immediately after I post, you can do so by clicking on any post on my blog and scrolling to the bottom of the comments.  Look for a section like this:

and News

Leave me a comment, any comment.  Then, click the second little box at the bottom marked “Notify me of new posts by e-mail.”  Go through the confirmation process and you’ll be signed up for immediate e-mails every time I post.

That’s it.  Hope to have you along for the ride!

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My goal in life is to fill my family’s passports with stamps, creating buckets of memories along the way. You’ll find me writing about realistic ways for normal people to travel the world, whether you’re on a budget or enjoy luxury. I also enjoy taking us on the occasional detour to explore the inner workings of the travel industry.

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  1. I’m still getting the RSS without having changed anything. Any impending changes planned that will break that, or can I leave it as is?

    1. Stephen, not to my knowledge but I’m not an RSS expert. I’ll ask the question of folks smarter than me.

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